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Daniel Nelson

Daniel Nelson

test clickthrough  this could be a way to set up a search box or index of process based images by category. should link to a gallery page with process images arranged in a grid or wall style. Can have these quick-links to certain tags at the side of a process images search page. I like the idea of embedding all the images with metadata and then searching galleries to display certain content over others. Need to come up with simple catalogue of items, like: MATERIALS metal, wood, mirror, TYPE installation, gallery, public art, LOCATION Vancouver, Minneapolis, St. Paul, I-Park, Franconia, ETC. Would need to send you to a gallery page that would also allow you to get back to make search. I wish I could embed a page within a page. . .


Ah, I think I've found what I need!! An ARCHIVE BLOCK!! Although this only creates a text list for sorting either categories or tags within a gallery. Can also use for blog posts. I want something that shows images dynamically. . . Hmmm.