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steel, rubber, glass mirror, existing derelict “skyway” pedestrian bridge

120 x 180 x 984 inches

Commissioned by CityDeskStudio and Aimee Jobe, Minneapolis, MN

Jennifer Newsom Carruthers and Tom Carruthers of Dream The Combine (artists); Clayton Binkley of ARUP Seattle (engineering); Bo Jacobsson (steel fabrication); Andrew Latreille (photography); Caylon Hackwith (photography); Isaac Gale (videography).

Videos by Dream The Combine at https://vimeo. com/126320794 & 

Two inward-facing, moveable mirrors are suspended at either end of the skyway from a tensegrity supported gimbal, creating a visually infinite environment that bridges toward distant horizons. The virtual space flexes as the wind rotates the mirrors with a mere 35 pounds of pressure. The work’s title is both an emotional expression and a verbal play on lengthening. 

Some days are calm, with breezes inducing a gentle swaying of the vanishing point. Other moments are more violent, as the wind pushes force- fully and turns the entire sculpture into a grinding, lurching machine. The experience is visceral — you feel the wind on your face, hear the creaking of the moving joints, and see the floor and ceiling warp unpredictably as you occupy the animate reflections. There is little interior stability as the illusion of depth yearns for a homing ground. Infinity wanders longingly, and the space it implies bends into new forms.