Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 2010.

Spruce, corrugated fiberglass, corrugated steel, plywood, cardboard tubes, vinyl, paint. 15’x40’x40’.


Until/We/Fearless is a collaboration with artist Brendan Fernandes, for which Tom designed the museum show layout and central "shack" housing four of Brendan’s video works. The Morse code of the show’s title is a navigational system mapped onto the museum floor. By associating lines of text with paths of experience, the dots and slashes provided a logic of movement and spatial resonance that engaged the various art works. The diagonal structural members of the pavilion further emphasized this logic, becoming the Morse Code slashes in “until/we/fearless,” its placement defined by the paths leading to the gallery entrances. The translucence of the corrugated fiberglass and reflectance of the corrugated metal walls allowed light to blur the distinctions between the two.