Proposal for Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, NY, 2012.


Erased DeKooning

Knocked on his door
I’d like to erase one of your drawings
He said he wasn’t going to make it easy for me

And he didn’t

Spent 4 weeks erasing that drawing
15 different types of erasers
there’s a drawing on the other side...

- Robert Rauschenberg (1953) 


Make/Remake is a three-dimensional line drawing created using thermoplastic welders mounted to cranes positioned at opposite ends of Socrates Sculpture Park, a 4.5acre site in Queens, NY. While one mechanical “head” draws landscapes of plastic polymer through space, the other will undo this action by reheating and recoiling the rope, literally pulling the plastic rug out from under the work. The piece will be simultaneously made and unmade, in a kind of recursive dialogue that heightens the futility (or “folly”) of the entire pursuit, yet also affords new opportunities for engagement.

Proposal for Socrates Folly competition sponsored by The Architectural League of New York. Dream The Combine in collaboration with Clayton Binkley, professional engineer with Arup Seattle.