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Tricky Juxtaposing

Hi. I haven't been here for a while. And that is starting to bug me. Not in a way that is debilitating, but in that nagging at your gut kind of way that says, "hey, remember how you committed to being present and celebrating your own voice? Get back to that!" So I'm here. Today, Tom and I visited Nate Young, a fabulous artist/teacher doing powerful work over at Juxtaposition Arts in North Minneapolis. Practically every person in the arts community of color that I've come across has recommended I get my booty over to JXTA, and now I see why. Started by Roger and DeAnna Cummings in 1995, the art space is part gallery, part teaching laboratory, part business incubator, and part neighborhood stalwart, to name a few of the roles this ambitious organization fills.


Students aged 8-21 take a 12-week visual arts fundamentals course that grounds them in the basics of drawing and design - issues such as value, tone, color, composition, and perspective. They then can go on to specialized courses or work with JXTA in a variety of paid positions.

The folks at JXTA are part counselor, part arts administrator (teaching students how they can actually make money from their creativity), and part advocate. I am so impressed with the work they are doing - if you find yourself in Minneapolis, please head on over to the north side and check them out!

Juxtaposition Arts
Juxtaposition Arts

Juxtaposition Arts
2007 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55411, United States