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Long Time No Write: An Update

Ack! How I have missed you, dear DarkMatterBlog! Soooo, I never did post about the Curating Race Curating Space conference (which was GREAT, by the way), and I have another post in the back of my mind about my recent trip to Montgomery, Alabama for Thanksgiving. Picture deserted blocks of Dexter Avenue, with the ghosts of Vernon Johns, Bull Connor, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jefferson Davis, Rosa Parks, and the slave auctioneer all vying for a passerby's memory to haunt. . . And vestiges of my grandparents' histories. My mother's. My aunt's. My uncle's. What must it have been like, to be so uncertain of the future, yet so strong and resilient in the face of hatred. . . So, posts I need to write/projects I need to do:

  • Haunted Houses: Montgomery, Alabama
  • Tarkovsky's Stalker and Phantoms of the Black Presence (hmm, seem to have ghosts on the brain! Also, thanks to Madhu Dubey)
  • The Architecture of Protest (possible Sanders Fellowship proposal)
  • Neuromancing Urbanism (again, thanks Madhu!)
  • Spider's Web: Nail and Hair Salons of Flatbush Avenue (art proposal for Flatbush between Lincoln Road and Parkside Avenue in Brooklyn)
  • A review of the Racializer App

Until then, I'm trying to get my portfolio and resume updated in order to apply for fellowships, enter competitions and the like. Now that the exams are done (YES!!! Still waiting on results - boooo), it is time to move on to Phase 2.

Thank you for sticking with me on this journey!

p.s. I'm excited to return to Taubman College at the University of Michigan in less than two weeks for their undergraduate final reviews on December 15-16.. It's an honor to be asked to lend my voice. . .