Dark Matter

a mixture of the unknown and the tangible - by Jennifer Newsom


Hiya, y'all! I took the Building Systems exam for the ARE today, and can I just say that I am soooooo happy I am getting these things done? I decided that I wasn't going to open the results of any of my exams until I took a first pass at all of them, so there's no update about the results from Site Planning and Design a month ago (the unopened envelope is still in my inbox). I figure that I can't take it again for 6 months, so there is no need to open it until then. If I passed, it doesn't at all change the fact that I still have more to take. If I failed, it might make me want to throw up my hands at the process. Best to just forge ahead then! We celebrated Forward Motion tonight with a beautiful bottle of wine courtesy of my mother-in-law. That is going to be our new (hopefully shortlived) tradition - a nice bottle of wine to celebrate taking an exam. The outcome is not as important as the trying, the striving, the moving forward into the creation of your own destiny. Cheers to all others who are doing the same soul-searching work in their lives!


more celebration here - thanks to my big sis for the link! Love the soulful house. . .

AREJennifer Carruthers