Dark Matter

a mixture of the unknown and the tangible - by Jennifer Newsom

My Act

There is a welling feeling that I need to get it together. My husband and I have been talking for ages about starting a firm together, one that melds our passion for architecture with the creative and hopefully more liberated practices of art, one that gets at the gut root of what makes us love building/making/thinking/seeing/doing.  He mentioned to me last night that we are approaching 10 years of being together (from our early romance at Yale to Brooklyn moves to wedding to baby to to to). And only now do I feel like we are leaping into joining our professional futures in a directed way. We have a plan. We are eager to execute it. The dang problem is that it takes TIME. Ha!

How did the firms we admire get a start? I think they just started, the "simplest answer is to act" after all. So we are tentatively creeping, all the more frightened because we have a family, have "responsibilities," have all these things that seem to get in the way. We are late bloomers for sure. But have the plant's roots shriveled and died waiting for water, for air, for the sunlight of day? Only more time finally coupled with effort will tell.