Dark Matter

a mixture of the unknown and the tangible - by Jennifer Newsom


"We are in the middle of an immense metamorphosis here, a metamorphosis which will, it is devoutly to be hoped, rob us of our myths and give us our history, which will destroy our attitudes and give us back our personalities."   - James Baldwin in "Mass Culture and the Creative Artist: Some Personal Notes"

Off and on, I have been reading James Baldwin's uncollected writings for the past couple of weeks. I've been blown away at the precision, complexity, and rootiness of Baldwin's prose - this preacher's son knew a thing or three about wordplay and how to get at the soul through mere words strewn across a page. His essays "As Much Truth As One Can Bear" and "The Artist's Struggle for Integrity" should be required reading.

I only hope that the personal explorations of this year will get me back to myself, as the above quotation notes. We are all struggling towards a moment of self-realization, where we realize our passion, the hazy outlines of our potential, and start striving for those heights with renewed purpose. I have to remind myself of this engagement through the minutia of every day.