Dark Matter

a mixture of the unknown and the tangible - by Jennifer Newsom

silver through the dark hazy murk of grey. . .

This is totally not related to Dark Matter in any of its entendres, but I just need to say that someone STOLE MY STROLLER (& everything in it) while I was at the playground today. Who DOES that???? Anyway, I lost my phone, all my ARE (Architecture Registration Exam) study notes, my camera, and my kid's toy, diapers, etc, oh in addition to my STROLLER. Again, who does that???

Silver linings: (besides the obvious one: my kid was not also in the stroller!) 1 - I recently downloaded all of my photos from my camera and phone so I could share them with family & friends. So no lost memories! WHEW!!!!!! 2 - My husband has his ARE book, so I think I can continue studying at least by reading his book. All notes are gone. Boo. 3 - I wasn't carrying my full wallet, just my drivers license, debit card, health insurance cards, and Metrocard. I only had $1 in there! 4 - I decided not to bring my iPad with me. 5 - We have insurance.

Now, I'm sure some are wondering why I wasn't watching the stroller at all times. Well, yes, technically it was "unattended" for 4 minutes, as the police officer with whom I filed a report noted. But I was 20 feet away playing with my kid, a mistake that I'm sure many mothers make. Ah well, not me anymore. 'Cause I ain't got no umbrella stroller to un-attend to! I've never had anything stolen, so I'm really shocked that anyone would have the crazy audacity to steal from a mom at a playground. AGAIN, who does THAT???

Ok, done venting for now. Thanks!