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Forward Life Motion

Ok, so perhaps it is too dramatic to couch taking one of seven ARE exams in this fashion, but I am really happy that I took this test and just got it out of the way. I'm really jazzed and excited to study for the next one (Building Systems) - I think that once you start, knocking these tests down becomes a bit addictive. It's the "getting started" part that was slow going for me, as I've been taking my exams while staying at home to raise our now 9.5-month-old son. It has been a challenge trying to study in the cracks of naps, bedtimes, and nights when my husband is working late. But it will be so so so gratifying to one day say that I am a licensed architect. I have wanted to be an architect since I was 8 years old - just took me a few clicks past 20 years to get there! Ha.  

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