Dark Matter

a mixture of the unknown and the tangible - by Jennifer Newsom

The Writing Life

I just met with a college friend who is a successful writer/editor. I mentioned that I wanted to get into writing about architecture and race, and she gave me a lot of good advice on ways to get my nascent ideas out there. At the end of the conversation, I felt a bit out of my league - I'm an outsider who's published a few things, but not really been in the practice of writing. Plus, my topic is currently sooooo broad - what is it really that I want to say? She suggested that I pitch some article ideas to editors. She also offered to give me more advice about book proposal formats and people to contact. As I was panicking on the walk home that I don't know anything about what I'm getting myself into, I realized that she just saved me a lot of research time. Meeting with "experts" to help hone your thinking is the way to go! I have an exam tomorrow (wish me luck!), so this is going to remain on the back burner for now, but it is good to feel like there is someone else out there who a.) thinks this is a good idea, and b.) thinks I can make it happen.